Maintenance Contracts

Preventative maintenance on an HVAC system is the single best thing a property owner can do to extend the life and enhance the efficiency of their system. Keep your equipment in tip top shape with a maintenance contract from Quality Air. When you sign up for a maintenance contract Quality Air will automatically remind you when it’s time to service your equipment.

A maintenance contract with Quality Air offers a tune-up service for your system on a regular basis. We will service your residential system in the spring for A/C and in the autumn for heating; this gives our technicians an opportunity to perform a comprehensive inspection of your system so that you can avoid future costly repairs. Commercial systems require more frequent maintenance and are serviced either monthly or quarterly. An added benefit to the routine service provided with a maintenance contract is higher operating efficiency of your system which leads to lower energy bills!

In addition to savings on labour that you get with a maintenance contract you will receive a 10% discount on any additional labour and materials for any required repairs discovered during maintenance checks or that may arise at any other time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a maintenance contract?

A: Annual, bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly service to ensure that you HVAC system remains in excellent running order. The service consists of checking filters, drains, belts, overall condition of the AC Unit


Q: Why do I need a maintenance contract?

A: To ensure the life of your unit: Units that have regular maintenance last twice as long as units without regular maintenance. The average homeowner saves 40% on the cost and maintenance of their system over a 10 year period
A: To reduce energy costs: A maintenance contract ensures that your system is running at peak efficiency thus reducing your energy costs.


Q: How much does a maintenance contract cost?

A: Pricing depends on the size of your system. But is approximately $100 per unit annually.


Q: How often will I get service with a maintenance contract? 

A: Commercial Office Building: Monthly or Quarterly
A: Residential or Small Office: Semi-Annually or Annually